Looking forward to returning…

Hello readers,

I have been away for too long.  Rest assured, though, that during the campaign, I did address issues of social and criminal justice where appropriate.  In fact, I was the only one to do so publicly.

The campaign ended months ago…then there was the wrap-up and figuring out what is the next best step.  Do I return to criminal law practice (which I left when my kids were born, in 2005?)  Do I return to teaching?  Do I start something else?  While exploring those options, I’ve tried to stay active in a couple of other areas.  I did write, but not on criminal justice issues.  One article was about municipal politics- development, specifically.  The other was about my experience of being mistaken as a Muslim candidate during the election.  Here are the links, in case you are interested: Being Mistaken for a Muslim Candidate and    Building the Toronto that We Want 

Now, as I work on a couple of other projects, I intend to return to my criminal justice advocacy through writing as well.  With a new study about how easy it is to get people to give false confessions (and to insist that a false memory is true), I plan to write about the aggressive technique police use to get confessions from suspects.

Looking forward to engaging with you again,


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